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“Forest Gardening in Practise

An illustrated practical guide for homes, communities and enterprises”

Author: Tomas Remiarz

Permanent Publications, March 2017


Book review by Malika Cieremans, MSc:

“In this beautifully illustrated, thorough and utterly practical guidebook, Remiarz presents a unique overview of forest gardening, based on experience gained over the past decades. We can now let ourselves be inspired by and learn from a vast range of pioneer projects throughout the UK, as well as other European countries and the USA. After an introductory chapter on the forest gardening principles of succession, diversity and animals, a number of projects is described in four categories: home gardens, urban food landscapes, educational and commercial forest gardens. Images, stories, ideas, facts and figures are woven together – a feast to discover! To complete this wealth of knowledge, a chapter is added on the step-by-step process of making your dream a reality. Whether this book is your first introduction to forest gardening, or you are already on your way, I am quite convinced you will find this book a useful and inspiring companion.”

Read more and order your copy at the author’s website: https://reallifeforestgardens.com/book

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